My DAA Trip – Road Trip to Agra

The Delhi trip was a resounding success. Now, it was time to see Agra. We had to miss our train yesterday because we hadn’t checked that the Taj Mahal is closed for prayer on Fridays. We discussed this issue with our host at Madpackers hostel. He helped us out by arranging for two cars that could take us to Agra and back the next day. If we wanted to see the sunrise, we had to leave by 3 AM that morning.

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My DAA Trip – Unlikely Friendships in Delhi

After our discovery that the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays, we called the hostel we had booked for the next day to request them for lodging for the night as well. Luckily, they did have 5 empty beds that we could occupy. We took a cab and hustled to the hostel. We stayed at the Madpackers Hostel near Panchsheel Park.

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My DAA trip – Amritsar’s Golden Temple

We had an unexpected curveball at the hostel where we had booked our rooms for the night. The host of the hostel was nice enough to find us accommodation in a different hostel at that time of night. Conveniently, it was right outside the gates of the square which holds the Golden Temple. He even got us an autorickshaw to transport us to the other hostel. Once we were there, completing the formalities, taking a shower and finding our beds took a couple hours and we fell asleep by 1:30 or 2 am.

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My DAA trip – Quick stop at Amritsar

It was a very short flight to Delhi. After staying awake all night, we made our way to the metro station. We stopped for sandwiches on the way as well. Seemed like we were eating once every hour the entire trip :0 We took a train to the Delhi Railway Station and reached there a little after 5 am. We had to get out of the metro station and across the street was the Delhi station for electric trains.

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My DAA trip – Goodbye Chennai, Hello Delhi

A few hours before the actual day-one of my trip started, I was at work. The plan was to leave on a Tuesday. So, I left work early that day and went straight to the airport. Two other friends walked in five minutes after I did and we met right outside the entrance of the domestic departure gate. I was as excited as a little kid in a candy store. You have to understand that the childish excitement in me was embarrassingly obvious only because of the fact that I had never been inside an airport before, let alone on a flight.

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The time of firsts

Travel Background

To put it in few words – I don’t have one. I have never been on an actual trip with friends before. Unless you count that one school trip to Cochin and Munnar a decade ago. This Delhi trip was pretty unexpected for me. One evening, a close friend called me up and said that a few friends are planning a trip to Delhi, Amritsar, and Agra and asked me if I would like to join them.

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Nostalgia inside a city bus

There are so many things that we feel nostalgic about. Usually, it’s food that floods us with memories of our past. Green mango slices smeared with chili powder, Rs.2 per hour rented bicycles, mint candy that looked like cigarettes are some of the things that the 90’s kids will know pretty well. One such blast from the past I got today was the city bus.

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